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Monday, March 1, 2010


I am redoing our foyer: new paint, new light fixture and hopefully a new rug. Unfortunately, ours is a narrow foyer, with no room for one of those cool round tables stacked with books and flowers. On the upside, the stairway wall rises all the way to the second floor, so I plan to take advantage of that somehow.

This is the "before" shot, above. Actually this is a couple of years old; we have a new front door, though still painted charcoal gray, and my stair railing is painted black now. I've already got the new light fixture, which I love and can't wait to get up as soon as the painting is done.

I chose Ralph Lauren "walnut" for the paint color: it's a warm medium brown that I think will contrast nicely with the white trim and act as a good backdrop for artwork.

Below is some inspiration from the web. Most images are from Decorpad.

Bold color and artwork!

A tall wall like I have; love the mirrors!
This is the most inspiring to me - gallery style wall. Lots of work framing though!

Zebra mirrors!
Nice contrast beween white and pale blue plus touch of black on the chair.
Making the most of a very small space!
Love the loaded-down table.
Iconic light fixture makes the room.
More gallery style plus rough-hewn wood floors.

I will post after pics once our own foyer is finished. Happy Monday!

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