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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Go Big Orange!

If you live in this part of the country, you cannot help but get caught up in the annual excitement surrounding SEC football. Specifically, University of Tennessee football. And if you don't know, our team is called The Volunteers, or The Big Orange. Our team colors are orange and white: we are talking bright, practically flourescent, road-crew orange (there are some jokes about that, but I won't get into it here). Another thing about football around here is that women take their game-day outfits pretty seriously. Luckily, orange is a really dominant color in fashion right now, so it's easy to find stuff for us Vol fans to wear to the games and parties this year.

All of these goodies are on sale at J. Crew right now:

I also found some great stuff at Anthropologie's sale:

Personally, I like to wear jeans and a white top and then accessorize with orange. It's a strong color so small doses go a long way!

Last but not least, I love this tee shirt from Perpendicular. Shame on me, I didn't check to see how many she has in stock, but you can go to her Facebook page and ask:


Victoria said...

Hi Lizzytish! I found your blog through that Blog Rankings site and I think it's great! You're lucky that orange is such a fun color to accessorize with! I'm a USC alum, and it's tough to find good cardinal (red) accents...loving your picks for a fashionable football season though. Way better than a regular 'ol t shirt!

Lizzytish said...

Thank you, Victoria!