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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall Wish List

A few things on my need-to-get-list for Fall: A pencil skirt from J. Crew ( to go with the Madewell silk blouse I ordered: see my Facebook page); a pair of French Sole ballet flats in leopard, because they go with both black and brown and I have worn the bejesus out of my Target ones that I've had for three years!; and a military-style jacket - available pretty much everywhere but I like this one from American Eagle.

This list will be growing, for sure. In the South it's difficult to shop for Fall because it stays hot well into October. So we have to hold off those cravings for warm clothes a little longer than most. Which would be another blog post, actually...transitional clothes that don't look too summery but are still light-weight and comfortable for 80 degree September and October days. Stay tuned!

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