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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Partial to Perpendicular

My friend Mitzi's fun Perpendicular line is now up and running in the Shops at Southern Market here in Knoxville. Just ask at the front desk and they will point you in the right direction: I always get a little lost in there! She is currently sharing a booth with another retailer, but in August she will be taking over a great corner location all her own! Mitzi also is showing some jewelry in a separate spot right by the front register. She is carrying some of the Holly's Handcrafted Design pieces I have blogged about previously, with lots of other on-trend pieces.

Here are some of the Perpendicular "frivolous" objects:

I have the dark brown cross cuff; love it!
Everything from cute tee shirts to fun jewelry and unique artwork

One of these hands would be great tucked into a bookshelf for a little whimsy.

New handpainted shells by artist Sarah Stewart - so pretty! She will customize, too!

Here's one of her shells in its natural habitat!

I'm pretty sure this is the tee I saw Mitzi in last year that made me wonder where she gets her great clothes! Now she's making them accessible to us, yay! The line is Starr Luna, and they are so soft and luxurious! Underneath the back neckline is this:

Great message to leave in your wake, huh?!

I think this one is so fun!

And, last but not least, this is the one I got. I love how Mitzi styled it with those long pearls, so I got those, too! Can't wait to wear it -- I'll take a pic for you when I do!

The Southern Market shops are located in the Homberg area of West Knoxville. Have fun! Oh, and Perpendicular is on Facebook and also has a website here.

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