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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Change is A-Comin'

I finished the July issue of Vogue with my coffee this morning. I was excited to read the following on the "Point of View" page, which sets the tone for the issue:

"I AM WOMAN. Hear me roar. Hear me issue stock-purchase orders from the Wall Street trading floor. I am woman; I am not girl. I do not emulate the pop-burlesque fashion stylings of Ke$ha or Katy Perry. I do not aspire to PASSE MORNING-AFTER CHIC, with bird's-nest hair and shredded leather leggings. No. Of Lana Turner and Barbara Stanwyck - and Lena Horne - I sing.

(Have you felt the smooth, snug tug of fine leather gloves being pulled on? Have you considered the REBELLION, the nonconformity, inherent today in a Mamie Eisenhower knit suit? Have you worn a crinoline lately?)

Reader, if you're older than fourteen, fashion for fall 2010 offers more WEARABLE OPTIONS than it has in eons. Skirts fall below mid-thigh. Designers are giving us dead-cool-but-still-practical STREETWEAR UNIFORMS for work or school. Black-with-black is totally back.

Can we get an "Amen" up in here?"

I find this very exciting!! Selfishly, this is perfect timing for me to have the trends turning more ladylike. It could (should) mean that my peers and I won't have to wonder if we can carry off the latest looks in the stores because we aren't 22 anymore. And all of my friends with daughters might actually be able to buy them clothes that don't look like they are sending them out to their pimps for the evening!

So get out your kitten heels and get ready! And my teenaged friends, if you haven't heard of Barbara Stanwyck or Lena Horne, get thyself to Google Images ASAP!

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