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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stairway to...well, just the laundry room, really.

We just had chocolate-brown hardwood laid in the upstairs hall and also took the carpet off our back stairs and had the treads stained to match the hall. I love it so far, and this week of snow days allowed me to get all of the risers primed. Now I can't decide what to do with them! I was going to stick with white, but it's just a little too plain now that I've got the white primer on. I love black, but this wood is so dark it doesn't provide enough contrast. I'd love your input if you would be kind enough to become a Google follower and leave a comment.  Should I go with the wall color, which is Benjamin Moore's Fresh Olive? Or stick with white but add some type of detail?


Anonymous said...

I like everything that you, whatever you choose will be gorgeous! I'm wondering...Is there any reason you don't want to paint the risers the same color as the stain on the stairs? Cole

Lizzytish said...

Hey Anyonymous! Please become a google follower!

The risers are a much lesser grade of wood than the treads, and wouldn't look good stained. Hence the paint.


Cole said...

I'm not sure...mostly because I can' picture the paint...but I do love that color! Is a dark cocoa paint too much brown for you?