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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shoes at Old Navy

My friend Sharon called yesterday to let me know about some cute leopard ballet flats she saw at Old Navy. She knows I've been looking for some, and I never did shell out the $100 for the French Sole pair I was thinking about. Honestly, this is one of those cases where I'm not sure how much you spend truly reflects on the quality. And the way most of us like to buy shoes, if you can get cute and trendy for less than $50, you can afford to get as many as you want instead of the couple of investment pairs you'd spend $100 or more on. That's my theory, anyway! Here are three that I love:
I think I'll pick up this neutral pom-pom flat. Would go with everything and I like that little detail.
Here's the leopard: really cute! One of my favorites because you can wear with both browns and black.

This boot is $39.50! LOVE the styling! I'm thinking if you have teenaged girls, especially, Old Navy is the way to go!

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