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Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Affair with Jules Reid

I am so excited about this post! Jules Reid is a new designer of luxury women's clothing, and TODAY is the first day you can shop her gorgeousness online!

Here are some of my favorites from Jules's Spring/Summer line:

This is the "Teddy," and it is in my closet now and I can't wait for summer!
Adorable shorts and tunic, great for the beach and chic around-town this summer.
I love these pants; a nice change from dresses but still body-conscious - fun at night, I think!
This is my other favorite, after "Teddy." It's called the "Mae" and I "Mae" have to find a way to get this into my closet!

Jules is a Southern girl who now divides her time between NYC and Virginia. She has been a Wall Street broker, an interior designer,and now has shifted her focus to fashion. And boy are we happy about that! Oh, plus she's blonde and gorgeous and has a husband and four kids. I am not worthy.

Have fun shopping, and here's to summer!

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