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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Archived restaurant reviews-Amerigo's

Sharing some reviews from my former blog. This one is from November 26, 2007:
I took a friend to the new "Amerigo's" last week for her birthday lunch. It is a high-end Italian spot, with other locations including Nashville and Memphis.The service was attentive, though our waiter was very impressed with himself and very young to have such a high opinion of his abilities. He did a good job but got a bit too involved in the conversation for my taste, not to mention marketing his own up and coming business when he had a chance.Amerigo's has a nice wine list, with a couple reasonably-priced bottles that quickly escalated to pricey picks like Cakebread.I have to absolutely RAVE about our appetizer: cheese fritters that are out of this world! I had questioned our waiter about them, thinking they might be a fancy version of good-ole frozen mozzarella sticks, but not to worry. These are hush puppy-like in texture, with a mixture of melty cheese inside, served on a plate with both a marinara and creamy dijon-style sauce. The one order contained six fritters, so we each got two and that was more than enough. You MUST try them! Apparently they have garnered mention in Bon Appetit, and I can see why.My entree was not as impressive. I tried the chicken and spinach canneloni. I loved the fresh pasta and the creamy sauce, but the filling was a bit overcooked. My two friends both really liked their pasta though, so perhaps mine was an anomaly.We shared the obligatory birthday dessert; a warm apple/pecan confection with ice cream, which was really sweet and really rich. I liked it but it was maybe a tad too sugary.I will definitely go back for dinner. The atmosphere is very warm and soothing, and the food seems to be compelling enough for a second visit

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