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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jamali Garden Supplies

Jamali Garden Supplies is an incredible online resource. It's impossible to show everything they have to offer in one post, but they run the gamut from party supplies to gardening containers, Christmas ornaments, even curtains and pillows! Here is a sampling:

Super-chic mercury glass planters and votive holders at great prices. By they way, Perpendicular brought some great mercury glass home from market if you're in the Knoxville or Nashville area. Ask me about it!

These hanging lanterns are $16 and hold a votive.

I love anything zinc (or faux-zinc!)

Wood is a huge design trend right now, especially lighter woods that harken back to the '70s!

It's a great website, especially if you're planning any parties this spring and summer. Have fun browsing!

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